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Queen Bee & Polly Nator in SouthGate Bath


Queen Bee & Polly Nator in SouthGate Bath

Join Queen Bee & Polly Nator in SouthGate on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March!

This striking duo engage young and old with Spring themed games and interactions with an educational twist.

With all the regal grace of true royals, they love nothing more than to teach people the Royal Jelly Wave (after a bow and a curtsey of course). Polly Nator will encourage them to pledge their allegiance to Queen Bee and Country(side) by taking steps to look after their fellow bees and our green land.

They will inform you about the importance of protecting the bees and offer packets of wildflower seeds for visitors to plant at home to encourage beautiful wildlife into their own gardens


Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March




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