Hotel Chocolat | Father’s Day Collection

Whether he’s your dad, granddad, stepdad or someone else entirely, Hotel Chocolat have the perfect present to make his Father’s Day, this 21st June.

Treat him to our iconic Father’s Day Sleekster, a handpicked selection of our best-loved recipes. Or for a smaller token of affection, our piggy-bank friendly Pillow Packs can be slipped into his pocket when he’s not looking.

Any ale aficionado will appreciate our Beer Minidomes – choose between four brews, each one encased in cocoa. If you think he’s from the prehistoric era, make him chuckle with our tongue-in-cheek Old Fossil, available in 40% mellow milk, or vegan-friendly 70% dark. And if he’s gaga for gadgets, go all out with the ultimate grand gesture – The Velvetiser. He’ll be whipping up decadent barista-grade hot chocolats for the whole family at the press of a button.

Father’s Day Pillow Pack - £2.50
A small token of affection that won’t break the piggy bank. Slip these milk chocolates onto his pillow (while he’s still snoring) on 16th June so he’s wished a Happy Father’s Day as soon as he wakes up.

Father’s Day Sleekster - £22.95
Our most popular chocolates, served with asmart new sleeve just for June. Housing 27 of our most iconic recipes, handpicked by you and embellished with ‘Happy Father’s Day’, this star-studded milk, dark and white collection is the Father’s Day chocolate box to end all
chocolate boxes.

Father’s Day Hbox - £12.95
The perfect Father’s Day gift box of chocolates for your Dad, Husband, Granddad, Stepdad or whoever you celebrate June 16th with. He can choose from a variety of 14 40% milk, 70% dark and 36% white chocolates, all dressed up for the main event. Let them know you care, effortlessly.

Old Fossil Dark - £8
You don’t have to be a palaeontologist to enjoy the beautiful curves of an iconic fossilised ammonite shell this 16th June. We’ve preserved ours in our signature 70% dark chocolate with deep cocoa notes so you can treat the old fossils in your life. A truly unique Father’s Day Gift.

Old Fossil Milk - £8
Smooth, mellow – and from the prehistoric era. Remind you of anyone? Preserved in simple, solid 40% milk chocolate, this witty Father’s Day gift has been a favourite for many years, among both well-wishers and old fossils alike.

Whisky Collection - £10
A Father’s Day whisky gift for the connoisseur. Smooth, honeyed 10-year-old single malt; gentlyspiced, high-rye bourbon; a spicy 12-year-old single malt and a soothing measure of whisky cream liqueur, each served in premium chocolate shells. All our tiddly truffles are expertly formulated to make sure you don’t lose that wonderful whisky afterburn, meaning these are sure to put some hairs on his chest (as if he needs them).


Beer Minidomes - £10
Know someone who appreciates chocolate and a cold one in equal measure? Introduce them to four new brews served in chocolate kegs: a nostalgic Ginger Beer, a hefty Caramel Stout and two distinctive small-batch beers brewed with cocoa pulp – one blonde, one dark. The perfect Father’s Day beer gift for any ale enthusiast.

Chocolat Cream Liqueur – £25
For two years we crafted the perfect Chocolat Cream Liqueur. We wanted a spirit that allowed our full-bodied 70% dark chocolate to really sing out. Something clean, contemporary and entirely different. It had to be vodka with lashings of real cream. Worth the wait? Decide, over ice.

The Velvetiser – £99.99
Imagined by Hotel Chocolat, engineered by Dualit. Barista-grade hot chocolate, as served in Hotel Chocolat cafes, velvetised at the touch of a button. No powders, no syrups, just chocolate. Includes 10 single serve hot chocolate pouches, two of each: Classic, Milky, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel and 100% cocoa. Available in copper, matt charcoal and white editions.

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