Typo | Virtual Hangout

*logs off work, logs onto livestream*

A person sat in front of a computer screen and wearing headphones.

12+ months in global lockdowns has taught us many things (like pants are optional on Zoom calls), but the one major stand out is to simply focus on yout happiness journey, whatever it may be.

Whether you love to livestream your life or snack while you watch other people livestream theirs, treat you and your mates to a cheeky bev and charcuterie board or you and the roomies love to set up a movie night, Typo has everything you need tofeel real good for however you like to unwind.

Set up your space with our fav’s! Oh, BTW, these are our fav and soon to be yours!

A backdrop on a wall with palm trees on it.


A young person holding a bowl of colourful popcorn.

A young person laying on a bed with a bowl of crisps in front of them.

Two young people wearing fleece hooded blankets.



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