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SouthGate is green

While customers enjoy our shops and restaurants, there is a key focus on sustainability. Our aim is to operate safely and more efficiently – using the energy we have wisely, producing less waste, and, most importantly, to engage with the community and the surrounding landscape in a progressive and encouraging way.

SouthGate’s team has made sustainability a priority. Our objectives involve direct engagement with staff, local resources and visitors. Our water management is particularly forward thinking – we have introduced the Rain Harvesting System, which collects rain water and uses it to flush the public and staff toilets.

Furthermore, our engagement with the community and the surrounding landscape made it a priority for SouthGate to avoid landfill, and so, we teamed up with Veolia – a company that is dedicated to zero landfill. In so doing, we’re working to achieve our goal of being less wasteful and more environmentally sustainable.


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