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SouthGate Bath Charity Round Up 2023/24

Over the past year we have partnered with The Lily Foundation, The Nest Project, RUHX, & Off The Record to help raise awareness and money for these wonderful charities who do important work in our local community.


Introducing RUHX

We’re working with four amazing charities throughout 2023/24 via our Giving Box


SouthGate Bath Wins Green Apple Award

SouthGate Bath has been awarded a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice for their project to transform waste management.


Introducing The Lily Foundation

The Lily Foundation is the UK's leading mitochondrial disease charity and the largest charitable funder of mitochondrial research in Europe.


Introducing Off The Record (OTR)

One of our four partner charities


Introducing The Nest Project

We’re working with four amazing charities throughout 2023/24 via our Giving Box. Located in SouthGate Place, customers can use contactless payment to easily donation £3. The Nest Project aims to service families who are experiencing financial pressure, by providing free clothing, equipment and toiletries to children under the age of 5 in BANES. They also […]


Happiness and wellness reading list for children

We’ve partnered with the National Literacy Trust to create a list of ten books for children aged 5-11 that explore a range of themes including empathy, grief, anxiety, bravery and resilience, to help children better understand and cope with their emotions


Five ways to make a great reading space for children at home

Five ways you can help to create a great reading space this summer


Helping Children to Read for Fun

Our top ten tips to help encourage children to read more outside of the classroom