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Three Ways School Sensory Garden

Southgate’s operations, facilities, and maintenance team members have donated their time and expertise in designing, engineering and installing the components of this very special sensory garden for Three Ways School in Bath. They worked tirelessly on top of their day jobs to create this magical place for children to unwind, relax and explore.

The project took 2-3 months, from initial concepts and designs to final installation.

Veryan Cranston teacher at Three Ways School said: –

‘’I love it!!! Feels like Christmas for me. Not sure I can come close to explaining what a difference it will make, but for a start, this space will make a huge difference to what we can offer to the children, to how we can engage their often fleeting interest and stimulate their communication. It also provides an amazing resource to help the children regulate their emotions and to learn to play together. Add on to that the fact that you have created a whole new space for me to teach in, and the way this will enthuse my amazingly hard-working team and reinvigorate them and you may begin to get an idea! Thank you so much to all of your amazing team.’’


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