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Typo | Eco Friendly Shop

Get in The Good Books by getting A’s and giving an F about the planet.

Every little bit helps, check out Typo’s amazing range of reusable products from drink bottles, grocery totes and so much more.

Also did you know Typo’s Campus & Spinout Notebooks are made with 100% recycled paper?

Together we’ve saved 101 thousand trees and counting! Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Eco friendly water bottles

water bottle with times on the side

purple flowers water bottle

100% recycled paper notepads

A notepad that says be kind to your mother and a picture of planet earth

A notepade with a worm coming through a strawberry and flowers and tex saying Good Energy

Reusable cutlery

Blue reusable cutlery in an orange case

pink reusable cutlery with white box

Reusable drinks cups

A green drinks cup

flower patterned drinks cup

Shopping Tote Bags

A blush pink tote bag

A colourful tote bag

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